Give your Dog the ultimate comfort with the Carhartt Duck Dog Bed

The Carhartt Dog bed is one such accessory that every Dog owner must invest in. Doesn’t matter if it’s a little puppy or a big dog, every dog needs a comfortable space and a bed for itself.

Carhartt Duck Dog Bed

Men’s Canvas Duck Dog Bed

A Carhartt Brown Dog Bed is ideal for both dogs – those living in the colder counties as well as those in the warmer countries. The 100% soft cotton is the advantage to this dog bed as it makes this bed most comfortable for the bed. While talking about the colder countries, this Men’s Canvas Duck Dog Bed will make a cosy place for the dog to sleep as they could go into a seizure if they either slept in the parking or on the floor. All you need is an additional sheet for the dog to bury itself into for a cosy place for it to sleep. This can be an additional comfort to keep your dog warm apart from the thick fur that protects it.

For the dogs in the warmer countries, this Dog Bed is ideal for your cute and sweet little monster too. How a dog bed helps a dog in these countries is by giving them a comfortable 100% cotton bed that will keep the body of the dog cool. This cotton dog bed will also help keeping the body cool. Here the dog might not need a sheet to cover themselves.

Duck Dog Bed

Carhartt Duck Dog Bed (Item code: #100550)

Another additional advantage of the Dog bed is the size of what Carhartt provides. The Dog Bed one size fit’s all the dogs as it’s a comfortable size for the dog to sleep in. Also the material provides for an easy wash and clean. Another beneficial part is the enclosed or the hidden zip that promises not to hurt the paws of the dogs.

We highly recommend this Men’s Canvas Duck Dog Bed for all the dog lovers who need a comfortable space like their own bed for their dog.

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First Aid kit: The predominant element of the Emergency Medical Service (EMS)

The intention of emergency medical service (EMS) is to access high-risk place where the need to prevent mishaps, minor injuries, major health issues to everything that helps save a life is important. EMS equipment is essentially important to improve a range of fire-hazards capabilities. After all nobody wants to go unprepared in an emergency. So when it comes to emergency medical service equipment the first thing that strikes in our mind is — first aid kit, which helps you be prepared for anything ranging from minor emergency health problems to major health issues.

Medical First Aid Kit

Medical kit: Everything that probably needs to treat an emergency case has to be put together successfully with the perfect first aid kit. It’s not a good choice to put the first aid kit messy or with minimal equipments to be easily carried. Always remember first aid needs the perfect or required training.

What to consider when you shop for first aid kit?

First, know what kind of kit you really need, this is to avoid having a range of unnecessary items, rather you can save the place to stockpile the necessary medical equipment. You can either get pre-assembled kit or put a customized one to ensemble all the necessary medical equipment in a place. Finding necessary medical hoards through all the clutter seen in a first aid kit is a bad idea.

Ready-made kits Vs. Customized kits

Convenient and smart way to get the right kit is — buying ready-made kits. The ready made kits are often arranged by medical experts. This type of first aid kits are well-designed with the minimal necessary items that a less experienced person might want to use. Before you buy a pre-made kit make sure you’re aware of the items present inside the kit. However, you always have an option to add your personal medical supplies to your kit.

Customized kits are always an ideal option as its you who prefer to arrange your own kits. To get the most out of your kit — all you need to do is, get the maximized first aid box arranged with all the essential and required medical supplies.

Note: All the stocked medicines and medical equipments in a first aid kit has to be replaced periodically as the they may be expired or used-up.

What does your first aid should include?

Are you among those who is looking for a first aid kit that is completely full with the necessary supplies? Then make sure one thing, there is no kit perfect that includes most the possible medical supplies a person may need. However, the checklist can essentially ease your shopping and let you know what elements are necessarily important to skip out. Remember one thing — emergencies are by nature threatening and confusing, so well-designed first aid kit should be carried so that it should work as an asset during emergencies, but not as a liability.

Here is a list of most used first aid supplies — medical tape, bandages (non-stick dressings), cotton, tourniquet, disinfectant, tweezers and much more.

Bandages: These are those critical items that are used for bleeding control.

Tourniquet: This is one of the important item that is used to relieve heavy bleeding, especially on the limbs.

Disinfectant: This antiseptic liquid causes destruction of bacteria that is seen on wounds and equipment. However, remember to carry disinfectant from a well-known brand.

Tweezers: A good pair of tweezers can pull off splinters and broken thorns.

Scrubs or Medical Uniform Clothing

Apart from the first aid kit, there are also certain tools and essential items that need to be considered like — medical emergency clothing, surgery wound pieces, hearing aid, outdoor kits used in survival gear, medical gear and much more. People whose job routine involve working in tougher environments or rescuing emergency people in areas that are prone to unexpected risks and unforeseen mishaps should seek to buy protective gear. Stay safe and comfortable as long as you’re on the job-site with this type of clothing, which is blended with a range of features such as — high-visibility, interlock features, fire-resistant, soil-resistant, durable, multiple pockets and increased climatic protection gear as well.
There are a variety of reasons one should look to buy this clothing from a reputable provider like ClemensUniform. Some of these reasons could be — for the longevity, top-notch fabric choice and to get utmost comfort. Well, do you know people often use emergency medical service clothing or protective clothing in tougher environments to indicate that this type of garments are made to ensure wearer’s safety. The medical uniforms are strong enough to offer over protection. These items often come in a variety of styles.

Say goodbye to all your medical wear that makes you feel heavy and tired, especially if you work in an environment where hygiene should be the utmost priority. Selecting to toss your options that cater comfortable, breathable, hygiene and safety is of paramount importance.

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Tips to de-yellow your white T-shirts

Yellowing white T-shirts

Yellowing white T-shirts is one of the common conundrums among many. Now that you are looking for tips to get rid of those yellow stains or yellowing of your pretty white tee, here is an article that presents you the way to get rid of those armpits or yellow stains. Your white tee looks like new and serves as your favorite white tee forever (a basic staple in your everyday wardrobe) with these cleaners and tips.

Do you know yellow stains on T-shirt grow dull for a range of reasons, a few of them include — continuous usage, unhygienic washing and age. Well, unhygienic washing may sometimes refer to usage of less than the required detergent, improper washing by selecting inappropriate rise cycle, wrong temperatures and so on. There are many ways to effectively whiten your yellowed tee.

Cleansers to make white T-shirt white again:

  • Bleach
  • Baking Soda
  • Hydrogen Peroxide/Borax
  • Lemon juice
  • Vinegar

How bleach freshen-up your white tees:

You can get laundry bleach in either liquid or powder forms. However, bleach is available not for white clothes but colored as well. Before using modern bleach, make sure to check the product is safe to use for your type of clothing. Chlorine bleach is meant to use only for white clothes, while regular bleach can be used for both colored and white clothing.

Baking soda to your rescue from mysterious yellowing of T-shirt:

Technically known as sodium bicarbonate — baking soda is produced both naturally and synthetically. This chemical product often can be used with an amalgamation of baking soda and vinegar/lemon juice. This works as an effective cleanser. The yellow T-shirt need to be soaked in water that has a mix of 1 cup baking soda plus lemon juice, and left overnight. Well, you could get back that new white T-shirt and brightness by washing this soaked white clothing with regular detergent. An added benefit of using baking soda is — it gives softness to your fabric.

Get rid of awkward yellowing or yellow stains with Borax or Hydrogen Peroxide:

This chemical compound is available in mind bleach form. It’s an excellent product that removes yellow stains or prevents yellowing of white fabric. Combine 1 cup of Hydrogen Peroxide or Borax to small-medium-wash load, it will whiten your T-shirt. If the stain is tough to treat, because it’s been extremely discolored then soak your shirt in hot water that is combined with 1 cup of Hydrogen Peroxide for overnight.

Use that natural cleanser — Lemon juice:

This abundant natural citrus fruit is an excellent choice to use as a cleaner. Because of its acidic nature, it is always used as natural whitener. It may result toxic fumes when lemon juice is combined with bleach to whiten T-shirt. Well, if this natural cleaner is used alone on a tee and left to react with the sun rays then the yellowed tee can get its whiteness back. Add about 5 tablespoons of lemon juice and allow tee to be washed in the washing machine by using normal detergent as usual. Rinse the shirt in clean water and allow it to dry in the sunshine.


This alcoholic liquid works as an effective cleaner as it comes with a range of cleansing properties. Excess usage of vinegar may wane the fabric. So make sure you use the diluted white vinegar to give clothing the right stain treatment.

Note: Make sure acidic cleaners like lemon juice or vinegar should not be combined with bleach or its related products.

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Police and Security Service – Equipments used

Serving in a public safety department? Meaning you’re a person who adheres to a job role that involves protecting the public, be it through handcuffing the accused, keeping away the crimes from happening, offering predominantly emerging fire rescuing and fire service or by providing medical transportation to patients in need. Thus the public safety department is broadly categorized as follows:

  1. Police and Security Service
  2. Firefighting and Rescuing Service
  3. Emergency Medical Service (EMS)
  4. Office of Emergency Service (OES) and
  5. Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV)

Among the various ranges of public safety departments, the Police Service Department has its prominent role.

Police and Security Service: This public safety department enforces certain rigid laws and regulations to protect personnels, assets, visitors and users. With a range of sub-category service involved in police and security service department, today the policing has evolved to be one of the most standardized practice among the public and security department. Earlier days, when police uniform was invented, most polices used to wear long formal work jacket with Khaki or black trouser which was just as same as military enforcers. But to clearly distinguish police from military officers, the police uniform has been redefined with the usage of the following police gear equipment:

  1. Working dress
  2. Headgear
  3. Radio systems
  4. Protective gear
  5. Police badge

Working dress:

Police Work Wear Uniform

The everyday working uniform of a police retains shirts and trousers, which are supposed to wear with certain etiquettes. For example, when they prefer a long-sleeved shirt, it has to be opted with a cravat or tie and can be worn with or without a fleece or jersey. In case, if they wish to pick a short-sleeved shirt then it can be worn open necked. The aforementioned etiquettes are applicable to both male and female officers. However, female police officers dress code includes skirt (which they would occasionally pick). The use of name badges is seen in police and security working dress to identify the wearer’s rank.


Police Heargear

They come in a range of patterns and today this department is relied using tactical workwear that effectively used for everyday use and ease in providing comfort and identification.

Radio systems:

Police Using Radio System

The personal radio systems have been redefined with the usage of Airwave technology. This gear is ensured to be force-specific and help to guide the direction of the control room in case of any emergencies.

Protective gear:

Police Protective gear

There comes a range of protective equipment when it comes to police and security service departments. A few of them includes — firearms, batons, Tasers, incapacitant sprays and much more.

Police badge:

Police badge

We all knew the police and other enforcement department is always being denoted by a range of identification. Since the early days’ badges have been redefined in many times so did the evolved enforcement badges. It is traditional that law enforcement officers wear their badges to the left side of their chest.These badges vary from one department to another and they can also be customized according to the individuals’ rank, state, badge number, and a few common themes.

You can also customize any badge in order to give it an additional meaning. To do so call us today or place your order here.

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Simple guide to waterproof your workwear

You will quickly get to learn the value of waterproofing a clothing if you live in a place where it frequently rains or snows. Though waxing is a long standing process, you can waterproof your clothing that is similar to a ready-made waxed garment, water-proof, tough to handle and lovely design by DIY waterproofing. This is also a much more affordable choice. Even if you’re an adventure enthusiast or looking to grab a waterproof workwear, the good news is waterproofing a garment is neither expensive nor hard to do by yourself. So with this simple guide, no need to worry about those heavy price. Have a look at the below listed instructions to waterproof your favorite clothing or workwear in no-time.

waxing waterproof jacket


The choice of wax is left to you. Whether you would want to get ready-made wax bar made of beeswax and flower oil or want to purchase beeswax from retailers and further purify it is your wish.

If you want to avoid all those complicated procedures and hassles involved in — purifying beeswax and melting eventually, then you can get an instant wax bar that is available to apply on any canvas product, be it jacket, bag, shoe or hats.

If you wish to use regular beeswax bought from retailer then follow the below steps to remove any impurities. The below listed steps will helps how to melt and finally create a solidified wax bar by yourself.

Step1: You can melt all wax in a wax melting dish or by simply heating it in a warmer pot. To melt wax in a warmer pot you need to heat in a double boiler, i.e. placing wax in a small pot which is placed inside the larger pot. The larger pot is added with water until the water level rises 1 inch below the smaller pot.

Step2: Turn on the heat and make sure the wax inside the pot is melt eventually without blackening or burning.

Step3: Turn off the heat when you find all the wax that is present in the smaller pot are melted and mixed thoroughly.

Step4: In a plastic mold or steel container, pour the melted wax and allow it to stay overnight to solidify.

Now lay your workwear flat on a large surface table. Apply the waterproofing product or wax on your workwear painstakingly. Rub the wax paying attention to every detail such as underneath, seams and rub the product or apply wax until you cannot add any more to it.

Repeat this technique eventually on your workwear until you ensure waterproofing offers long lasting protection from a variety of elements. Spread out the wax eventually with your fingers. Check out all the areas that are thickly coated and most importantly they’re coated eventually.

Without leaving any clumps, work out with feverous and smoothen the wax coating with your fingers. After the even cover of the wax, allow your workwear to set for 24 hours or overnight.

That’s all. Now wear it proud with an added benefit of smelling nice!

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Top Notch Denim Bib Overall

Feeling your office code is tough? It’s okay to accept that you’re intimidated by the rigid choices available in your dress code. Remember, nothing is top priority other than your safety. If you are in-search for – what type of outfits suit your professional and individual needs? Here’s is a way to do – we brought Denim Bib overall made of exceptional fabric without compromising style, warm, flexible and everything that keeps your heart throbbing away while helping you select the right overall for your profession.

Take quick screening of this performance denim bib overall, that helps you know its features and best it has to offer. To keep you as simple as possible and to bring the complete professional look while giving maximum comfort in arm movements, this bib is created attentively. This stands one of the classic favorites with an added highlight feature that enhances its visibility.

Denim Bib Overall

Denim Bib Overall

You must be able to accommodate equal parts of polished and whimsy touch, to complete your look. Getting the right hue with balancing all the other necessities such as enough amount of visibility tape, perfect fit and other customized features are trickiest of other notable features. Thankfully, VF Image Wear has brought this pair of bib overalls for you.

They hand close to tour body, perfect to layer out and to draw extra warm. With this selection, you don’t have to take the guesswork anymore with the hue choices — we got two excellent color options, they are – Denim (DN) and Denim (ED) in two different styles. You can internally layer this bib with a polo that won’t let your outfit pull off messy looks by adding bulk. When you top a polo or appropriate inner wear with this bib overall, you will be able to create your way up to safety and style.

This overall is made of with a blend of 100% cotton, which is why keeps it easy to add lightweight looks. This style-free clothing adds adroit looks and sparks statement choice among all other possible bib varieties. Care: Soak in warm water and gently dry wash. As this is coming with conventional button fly closure, it draws elegant trait in your dress code. The blend of cotton fabric lends this bib a cozy tone. Creating a vibe to your dress code is no-nonsense as you got option to explore realistic solution – denim bib overall.

The Sanforized finish comprising of front pockets, captive flap on the pocket, along with two patch hip pockets gives it immaculate style irrespective of your style (whether it’s you or no), this fabulous choice is a must have piece in your wardrobe staple. You’re lucky in. We brought this exquisite collection at an affordable price point and pretty sure you will like this.

There is enough room to accommodate a variety of tools, which indeed makes this outfit a versatile option and maximizes its performance. Its features rule/tool pocket on right leg and loop to hold a hammer on the left leg. Shop today.

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The Affordable Clothing and Accessories Offered by Red Kap

Seeded in 1923 — Red Kap has bridge the gap between durable, comfortable workwear and affordable price point. Their collection details inspired designs, exquisite style and comfortable fit. Quality fabrics and top-notch materials. They are all ready wearable for tough business workdays and expect to withstand tough environments.

Red Kap

Find the best quality products that are incorporated with fashion-forward and industrial products available unbelievably at wholesale prices. The Red Kap founders began selling exclusively created workwear and accessories in their hometown of America. Till date, they have operated their services by outfitting over 16 million of Americans among all kinds of businesses.

Combining a super-fit design and producing quality clothing that undoubtedly stand the test of time, the Red Kap brings an attention to every detail that sets your professional look stand out the rest. Since their start, the Red Kap has extended itself to collection with a range of products like coveralls, overalls, Hi-Visibility, healthcare apparel, housekeeping, food processing, coverings, image programs, outerwear, pants, shirts and much more. Every collection you find is artisan made and they express one’s passion and unleash inner fashion.

With a capsule collection of industrial accessories of all kinds of businesses, Red Kap is one of the most stylish, lavish and affordable manufacturer of industrial clothing in the world. There’s something for everyone to complement their line of accessories through chic-stylish clothing. Today, their clothing has gained reputation and rec]ognition from a group of their happy customers for superior quality and durability.

In quality, affordability and comfort, the Red Kap stands second to none. This well-known manufacturer has got a permanent spot in today’s industrial market. The passionate staff have painstakingly designed and created a variety of creative, functional and high-performance industrial workwear — epitomizes longevity.

Check out the exclusive collection that makes your busy day in your office stress-free and safe. This is must stop shop for finding the right professional and fit dress that features best-looking style and design. Here we presenting some of the top selling products over the last couple of years — baggy chef pant, polo, hi-vis, tunics, collar shirt jacket and button front short sleeve dress.

View the full range of amazing industrial collection that has open-up doors to many industries and fashion forward sense. When in doubt over exact fit — lucky you’re in. You can check a variety of sizes. Best party here is — you can order for customizable clothing and accessories.

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It’s about the time you got to pick Landau’s comforting nursing shoes

Often we choose to pair our shoes that go well with the outfit, be it outerwear or underneath — but paying no attention to the topper, comfort and altogether. Well, this article guides you how to change it up and hold in high regard. With this you’ll make sure that your feet thanks you and will come to know what makes your feet go smooth while giving outmost comfort, during casual walk, extreme hot day or busy work hours.

The landau comforting nurse shoes brought to you by Clemens is well-know for its best kept comfort, looks and function. Your work may demand hefty labor, so when choosing a shoe — peek at several other requirements. Check the style that echoes your flamboyance and right fit — just like this we got Landau nursing shoes which has the right mix of comfortable, convenient fit and smart looks.

Whether you are opting for a long work day or night shift, go with everything that is comfortable and stylish. Nursing shoe? Yes the Landau unleashed this pair of shoe to perfectly cater a variety of today’s customer needs. With an embossed design pattern and inbuilt EVA molded that is unique is kept as a great functional piece and to stylishly upgrade your looks.

Landau Nursing Shoes

Landau Nursing Shoes

Well-known manufacturer to bring something new in footwear — Landau, this picked nursing shoes will not let your expectations go wrong. This pair of shoes features breathability, memory foam inner sole and fit comfortably with an unbelievable support. The deep treads offer these shoes slip-resistant over slippery and wet floors, thus keeping you stress free and safe from every part of your workday leg stress.

Take up a storm and unleash the other side of stylista in you with this new in workday footwear. These shoes are stylish yet functional and available at an affordable price point. To check the perfect size look at a variety of sizes that are provided in Euro sizes ranging from 35 to 42. Available in 4 professional colors — Black (BL), Navy (NAVY), Graphite (Graph) and white (WHI).

Comforting nursing shoes is in right now; look no further than this trendsetting looks of this shoes. This pair of shoes give a professional appearance while allowing you the goodness of comfort to saunter while working. The Landaus nursing shoes has flexible and soft leather inner that will stretch while you wear and helps bringing utmost comfort.

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Dickies Men’s Sanded Duck Coat

Sanded duck coat presented by Dickies Industrial is an ideal choice that gives warm protection against a range of elements while helping you make a bold fashion statement. Slipping into this long men’s sanded coat is a great way of creating your personal style. Opting this clothing is going to serve an excellent choice even during extreme weather conditions.

Sanded coat

Sanded coat

There is a long history of sanded duck coat and several types of coats are available in the market to choose from. This premium coat is made of durable fabric that last for many years to come and with all the essential and additional characteristics. It’s the time to buy this duck coat to get warmth and protection from winter.

You will surely admit that the sanded duct coat brought to you by the Dickies will help bring great wardrobe choice all around the year. Their sizing guide is useful to make you get the perfect fit and excellent choice. Come in a cool style — neither long nor too short. With pretty collars, functional pockets (both chest pockets as well as interior pockets) and stylishly chic cuts, you will never seem to have warmth plus great style as like here.

This sophisticated styled coat comes with a covered buttons which is sure to be useful even in the worst weather conditions. You can widely choose this coat style either to use for practical or aesthetic purposes. Peek the below exciting features of this men’s Dickies sanded dust coat:

  • Articulated sleeve
  • Bi-swing back to ease movement
  • Excellent needle stitching (triple needle)
  • Inside drawstring waist
  • Heavy duty center front brass zipper
  • Side entry chest pockets
  • Interior pockets

The fit of the coat is also important to create a polished look. To help you get the perfect fit without letting you feel snug or go up a size, the Dickies brought to you a versatile chart size option. This is the best way to pick the perfect fit comfortably in a few clicks. Invest in this versatile clothing that help it last for several years. Made with durable materials this coat comes without any tears, rips and damages. This coat is triple stitched to prevent tearing of the coat at the seams.

The interior of the sanded duck coat has the same level of quality as it is applied exterior. The front brass zipper and closure button add great style to the outfit while they also serve to be secure and easy to use.

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Stylish Women’s Clarksburg Crewneck Sweatshirt

Don’t you think sweatshirt is an essential clothing in women’s wardrobe? Not just it keeps you warm but it can also be used as a clothing to be layered on the top of other outfits. It is a perfect wardrobe staple that just looks cozy and stylish to wear. So whether its a chilled weather or your profession demands you to wear a sweatshirt, this stylish Women’s Crew-Neck Sweatshirt will become your favorite clothing to be worn just about daily use.

Womens Carhartt Sweatshirt

Womens Carhartt Sweatshirt

Featuring ribbed cuffs, crewneck and a ribbed hemline, this is a great choice for fashionistas who wish to get someone’s eye by wearing this cozy and warm sweatshirt. This women’s Clarksburg sweatshirt is presented by Carhartt — ultimate shopping destination for unique fits, a variety of styles and all types of industrial accessories at affordable prices.

The exquisite features of this outfit include: triple stitched main seams, 80% cotton and 20% polyester, 10.5 ounce and “Carhartt” text embroidery on pocket. Made from slightly thinner cotton yarn, this knitted top is different from other sweaters. The caring for this outfit is very easy and is washable. Extra care is not required to clean this shirt.

Up for sale, this top is bust flat and lovely designed shirt. In addition to this, women can choose from 4 pretty colors which are sure to create a statement look — cocoa brown heather, empire blue heather, wild pink heather and heather gray.

This crew neck top also features two pockets and slim fit tailoring that help women giving a better chance to fit in the clothing. All Carhartt collections are manufactured in a range of styles and patterns. To assist you in finding the right style, be it for work, home or even depending on social etiquettes or personal preferences, the Carhartt is presenting you an extensive range of styles — you are sure to get the right clothing here. They are the manufacturers of industrial garments and accessories from mid to high end needs.

The women’s Carhartt collection is well-known for their finest designs, super-fit styles and everything that is requisite in today’s variety of professional life. All their outfits are manufactured with special attention and not only provide enough comfort during extreme work conditions but also serve as a versatile clothing irrespective of weather. They provide different styles of sweatshirts ranging from V-necks, cardigans, pullovers, sweater vests to crew-necks and turtle necks.

Get this updated crew-neck sweatshirt today — a perfect choice for contemporary designs and modern twists.

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