Blue Generation Uniforms and Apparel At Clemens Uniform

Are you a company or store owner seeking a new, unified look for your staff? The Blue Generation line of corporate clothing is designed to project a professional image for a multitude of organizations. This article features some of our most popular Knit Shirts (like the one pictured below), Outerwear, Pants and Shorts that Blue Generation provides. We have even included the price of embroidering your corporate logo or company name on shirts or other items.

Since 1944, Blue Generation has been a well-known manufacturer of finely tailored logo ready apparel featuring today’s most popular contemporary fabrics and styles for the uniform and embroidery markets.

At Clemens Uniforms, we offer a complete selection of Blue Generation apparel in a variety of styles, colors and sizes. Featured items include a wide array of premium quality Polos, such as Budget Polos, Cotton Piques, High Visibility Polos, Knit Ensembles and Shadow Stripe Polos.

Look no further than Clemens for the largest selection of Blue Generation Twill and Denim Shirts in 36 colors with matching color pique polo knits. A complete total selection of easy care stain release poplins, oxfords and knits is also offered in multiple sizes and styles for men, ladies and youth. Twills and Knits are also available with a Teflon stain protector by DuPont that repels liquids and spills and releases stains in the wash.

To see these or any of the other Blue Generation products that Clemens Uniforms carries, and to place orders, please visit our company website. If you have any questions or would like to request additional information, give us a call at 888-213-9962 or send us a message via the online contact form.

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