Anvil Quality Activewear From Clemens Uniform

Anvil Provides high quality Fleeces, T-Shirts , Bags and much more at Clemens Uniform, located in Lansdale, PA.

The Fleece is a popular alternative to wool because it shares many of the latter’s fine qualities, but is a much lighter material. Fleeces are commonly used in Hoodies, gym clothes, sweaters, hats and jackets, amongst other apparel items. The material is soft, light and easy to wash. Since fleeces were not patented after its invention, many vendors started producing quality yet affordable apparel using this material, leading to worldwide acceptance of the products.


The popularity of button-less slip-on T-shirts in the US started during the Spanish-American War in 1898. Marines and sailors used to remove their uniforms and work in their undershirts, especially in tropical climates. Soon, employees of various industries such as agriculture followed suit. The reasons for the raging popularity of T-shirts even today is because they are inexpensive, fit comfortably and can be easily cleaned. So, flaunt a T-shirt with a cool design or funny statement to show off your unique personality.

Large Duffel BagBags:
Anvil offers Cotton and Canvas Totes, Expandable Attach bags and Large Duffel Bags, as well as Messenger Bags. You can use the Canvas Totes while running errands or shopping for light items. The Expandable Attach bag is ideal to carry office documents and files, or your laptop or PDA. The Large Duffel Bag can be used to carry your clothes and accessories while traveling out-of-town. The Messenger Bag can be used to transport small items as well as your laptop.

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