Chef Designs Apparel Blend Form and Function

Chef Designs has become legendary for making cool, stylish and comfortable kitchen apparel that are a fusion of fresh thinking, craftsmanship and technology. This company makes cook shirts, chef coats, chef and cook pants, aprons and other items that are guaranteed to keep you relaxed and cool while working in the hot and demanding environs of the restaurant kitchen.

Chef Designs Items on

Garnier Chef CoatChef Coats: Chef Designs makes stylish and cool chef coats that can give you a professional look in the restaurant kitchen. They offer a wide variety of trims, pockets, button types and fabric blends, so you will have no problem in selecting the right chef coat for your needs. You can choose from white, black, tunic, military buscoat, short-sleeved ones, women’s chef coats and many other stylish and functional varieties. All these chef coats are guaranteed to keep you comfortable and relaxed all day long.

Chef Aprons: Chef Designs’ aprons are sharp-looking to suit your fashion style and are highly effective at keeping out food morsels and other staining stuff. You need not worry about spoiling your snappy look at work and instead you can focus on satisfying your patrons. Chef Designs offers bar, bistro, cobbler, half, premium bib, standard bib, tuxedo and Waist Aprons in a multitude of colors that can help you create a unique identity for yourself in the workplace.

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