Carhartt Women’s Cable Knit Hat can Keep You Warm and Cozy

About Carhartt:
Hamilton Carhartt founded the eponymous apparel manufacturing company in 1889. Initially, Carhartt made and sold overalls in denim and duck fabrics. These were targeted specifically at the railroad workers of the era.  Carhartt’s motto was “From the mill to millions” and its   operations included cotton production, denim mills and apparel making. The company boasted that its Carhartt Master Cloth was the best cloth ever produced. Today, Carhartt is still owned by the family and continues to provide stylish and comfortable apparel for active workers.

Women's Cable Knit Hat

Carhartt Women’s Cable Knit Hat :
Women’s Cable Knit Hat is perfect for women who wish to remain cozy and comfortable in the chilly winter weather, yet present a stylish and fashionable image. This hat sports the Carhartt logo on the front. It is guaranteed to last long and give you good value for your money because it is made of 100% acrylic knit. Fashion conscious women can pair this knit hat with Carhartt’s cable knit scarf to present a trendy and natty image. You can choose from cool colors such as blue topaz heather, coal heather, grape heather, tulip pink heather and winter white.

Uses of Cable Knit Hat:

  • These hats help to protect your head from the biting winter cold.
  • It is essential to cover your ears with a knit hat when you go out in winter, because the intense cold can make your ears red and frostbitten.
  • Some people wear a cable knit hat not just for protection from the weather, but also to make a cool fashion statement.
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