Clemens Uniform Rental Service in PA,DE,NJ

Clemens Uniform Rental is a Smart Choice.
Advantages of Choosing Clemens Uniform Rental Service:
1. It is one of the best ways to project a consistent, positive and professional image of your company.
2. Customers get pickup and delivery services which are consistent, affordable and easy. So, your employees just need to don their uniform and go to work. Clemens take care of all the rest.
3. Companies do not have to worry about paying the full price of employees’ uniforms as Clemens rental service is a cheaper and smarter choice.
4. There is no need to worry about employees leaving or joining the company as Clemens is always there to add or reduce the number of uniforms as required.
5. Each employee is given individual attention and Clemens ensures that each employee gets to wear the best-fitting and most comfortable uniforms at work.

How it Works:
Clemens sends over a representative to the company location who ensures all employees get to wear uniforms of appropriate size and fit. The company need not worry about nitty gritties as Clemens Uniform Rental ensures all employees project a professional appearance to customers. Alterations, repairs, size changes etc. are ably handled by a concerned department. Worn out uniforms are replaced promptly. Clemens tracks each issued garment with help of a unique bar code. Companies do not have worry about attrition, as Clemens will increase or decrease the number of uniforms it supplies depending on the how many employees join or leave your company.

Uniform Rental Service

Suggested Business:
Automotive, Construction, Food Service, Healthcare, Plumbers, Electricians, Landscapers, Manufacturers, Restaurants, Schools, Supermarkets, Veterinaries.

Types of Garments:
•  Industrial
•  Executive
•  Casual
•  Food Service
•  Flame Resistant
•  Hi-Visibility
•  Outerwear

If you have more information about Uniform Rental Service, please visit Clemens Uniform website or contact us :888-213-9962.

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