36 Wet Mop: Easy to Use and Effective


  • This wet mop is anti-microbial and will not smell or break down during use.
  • This mop has a double band, looped end construction which makes it the most sought after wet mop by end users.
  • This wet mop will not shrink and is super-absorbant.

Uses of Wet Mop:

  • A Wet Mop is commonly used to soak up liquid and clean floors and other surfaces.
  • The wet mop is swept over the surface to dissolve and absorb fat, mud, dried-in liquid contaminations, etc.
  • The efficacy of a wet mop is increased by soaking the mop head in water which has a detergent or other cleaner dissolved in it, and then using the mop to clean the surface.
  • To increase their efficiency and efficacy, wet mops must be regularly dried thoroughly during storage.
  • The right wet mop can easily remove unwanted floor markings, food splatter, kitchen spills, etc.

Mop Exchange Service

Wet Mop Care and Maintenance:

  • If you take good care of your wet mop and maintain it well, the mop can easily last up five times longer, and you will get more effective cleaning too.
  • Before you start mopping, clean the mop head in water to rinse out any previously used chemicals. This will eliminate cross contamination.
  • Use the mop wringer to rinse the mop.
  • After finishing mopping, soak the mop head thoroughly in hot water for about 10 minutes and then rinse.
  • Do not leave the mop in dirty water overnight as this can breed bacteria, mildew and mold in the mop and also weaken its fibers.
  • Hang dry the mop head after use to prevent the formation of mold.
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