Button Down Women’s Smock – Clemens Uniform

Superior Uniform Group’s Collection of Smocks at Clemens Uniform:
Through its brand Fashion Seal Healthcare®, Superior Uniform Group offers a selection of smocks that are suited to the needs of healthcare professionals. Smocks are available in button down, zipper front or wrap around designs for both men and women. Superior Uniform Group’s Smocks are made from a durable poly/cotton poplin designed to prolong the life of the garment over a number of machine wash and dry cycles.

Ladies Royal Blue Pop Traditional Smock
Features are:

  • Buttonfront single breasted
  • 3/4 sleeve
  • poly/cotton poplin

Royal Blue POP Traditional Smock

Uses of Smock:

  • Smocks are commonly worn by people working in professions that could soil or damage their inner clothing.
  • Medical professionals, butchers, chefs, painters, and rural workers are known wear a smock to protect their inner garments.
  • Soldiers wear windproof smocks while parachuting to protect their equipment. In some areas, military combat coats are called Denison smocks.
  • Medical professionals are known to wear a scrub smock to protect themselves from infectious spills and splashes.
  • If you like doing arts and crafts at home, it is a good idea to have a smock around to protect your inner clothes and skin from messy paint and paper mache.
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