Commando Security Sweaters: Essential Part of Security Uniforms

It’s pretty strange, but true that most people identify, respect and respond to the security uniforms. As the security personals are usually the first and the last person to be noticed by the customers, it’s quite important that they dress up sensibly. Their uniforms comprise of shirts, trousers and Commando Security Sweaters.

The uniform standards vary according to the kind of profile an officer is posted and sometimes as per the taste of the client. However, these outfits always offer a clean, strong personality and go a long way in making yourself look smarter and professional at the same time.

The Commando Security Sweater was made popular in the Bourne movies. In all the series, Matt Damon was seen wearing such  sweaters and his kick-ass black, military-style sweater became a huge hit, when the movies released. Although this kind of winter-wear design is a part of security uniform, but everyone wanted to grab one such design for personal use.

Having said that, these sweaters are an essential part of the security heroes in real world. Mostly, male security guards wear either a black or white shirt with long sleeves, dark pants, Commando Sweaters, black shoes and sometimes a jacket. And some uniforms are also seen with badges, but it varies from company to company. These badges are either metal or cotton-made displaying the logo of the organization.

Most states require the security personals to put on patches on both the shoulders, which will represent the security guard company they’re working for.  While it’s highly mandatory in some American cities, the badges play the same role in other regions.

Considering all such requirements in mind, the uniform manufacturing companies such as Edwards Garment design the security uniforms accordingly. Comprehending various requirements in different states and the likeness of the clients, they offer customized outfits, so as to match with every organization’s requirement.

Apart from manufacturing standard uniform sets, they also deal with clip-on ties, garrison belts and value blazers.

The commando security sweaters became popular only after they were worn by the British S.A.S Commandos and fighter pilots in World War II. Since then, those winter-wears have become a favorite essential in the security uniform. They smartly adhere to the dress code sense and enhance the overall look of an on-duty security offer.

Commando Sweater

Some of their essential features include:

  • Render a neat trim look and comfortable fit for outdoor comfort
  • Render maximum flexibility and are winter-resistant
  • The patches present on the elbow and shoulders ensure durability
  • These are also ideal for cool-weather hunting, camping and fishing
  • Comprise of 70% arcylic and 30% of wool
  • Available in sizes from XS to 6XL by Edwards
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