Edwards Camp Shirts for a Fancy Yet Professional Look

Although custom clothing like T-shirts and caps have gained popularity with their casual looks, some people still opt for something that is not too fancy, but a bit professional. Are you among one of them who wanted to try such apparel? Then camp shirts would be the best choices which can give a professional attire and comfort as well. Camp shirts are commonly straight cut, short sleeved, one piece collar garments. They come with vibrant colors, an embroidered logo which can be apt for any sport, for casual wear or as a uniform top in an organization. Edwards Camp Shirts are available at our Clemens Uniform which are bright colored and have exotic prints.

Camp Shirts give a diligent look and help organization members to stand in unity. When a company is in need of a uniform that can be comfortable, stylish and customized for its employees in the service industry especially, then these camp shirts can be the best options.

You can also use this comfortable clothing while doing any strenuous works like in gardening, kitchen, restaurant or dining room that can give both stylish as well as appropriate look.

Camp shirts are often referred to as business casuals. Custom camp shirts with company logo can offer the person an identity with the company not just to the clients, but also to everyone who come across.

The key features of our Edwards Camp Shirts include bright vibrant colors, exotic prints and can add elation to any uniform, be it healthcare, industrial or hospitality. You can get various models at our online shopping services that include Batiste Camp Shirt, Hawaiian Camp Shirt, Easy Care Poplin Camp Shirt, Island Camp Shirt, South Seas Leaf Print Camp Shirt, South Seas Geometric Camp Shirt, Tropical Camp Shirts – Palm/ Leaf Prints, South Seas Solid Camp Shirt, Women’s Jacquard Camp Shirt and Women’s Leaf Print Camp Shirt.

South Seas Solid Camp Shirt

They are made with 100% cotton or with a blend of 50% cotton and 50% polyester. They are easily washable, durable and resistant to high power detergents. Most of these camp shirts are for unisex and are available in wide range of sizes. Some model shirts are exclusively designed for women. They are available at a price range of $ 17.52 – $ 25.52.
Choose the custom clothing of your choice by going through our Clemens Uniform online store. They are not only durable, but also leave a good impression on customers.

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