3/4 Sleeve Stretch Broadcloth Blouse – Factors to Consider while wearing Blouses

Blouses emphasize feminine attire and are formal clothing worn in corporate world and in semi-formal occasions as well. They are typically available in various styles and cuts to appeal in different occasions, both formal and casual. Many girls and women prefer to wear them on weddings as they give a chill look and offer an utmost comfort. There are different kinds of blouses looming in the apparel market to compliment women’s prominent physical attributes. Few such beautiful dress blouses are jewel neck blouse, maternity stretch broadcloth blouse, 3/4 Sleeve Stretch Broadcloth Blouse, v-neck tailored stretch broadcloth blouse plus more.

Different designs suit different body types. Some blouse kinds may flatter the body type, while some other may falter. It is very important to select the right kind for your body type.

Choose suitable colors
Full figured women should go for black color blouses as they appear leaner in black. To say it is a thumb rule in fashion that dark colors minimize the fullness. On the other hand, bright colors make the body appear wider and bigger. However, if the problem is with the lower body, then bright colors would help.

Women with broad shoulders and broad upper body area are also recommended to wear dark color blouses. In simple words to say, you can wear dark colored ones when you want to hide something and bright colored ones when you want to seek attention.

Lines matter a lot
Lines and stripes in blouse effect highly the way the eye apprehends the whole body. For short and full figured women, vertical lines in the blouses go perfect as they give leaner and longer look. Whereas horizontal lines offer a fatter and wider look as they draw the eyes wide. Horizontal lines make perfect for thinner women.

Facial factor, not to forget
Women with square shaped face or wide jaws should go for v-shaped necklines. This goes the same with round faced women too. They should not go for closed collars or Sabrina-type collars as they highlight the facial structures.

Those having long facial structures can go for round or square shaped necklines. Sabrina type collars also suit them.

For long necked women, anything can match. The main factor to keep in mind is to wear a long necklace if going with a dipping neckline.

Cuts and cuts    
Cut is also another factor to keep in mind. Empire cut blouses will emphasize the chest region while hiding the waistline. Women with full figure cannot wear tight fittings as they can only highlight the fullness.  On the other hand, tight fittings go perfect for leaner women.

This summertime, pastel color blouses offer an elegant look. With turning winters, you can shift from light pastel shades to dark and black shades. This transition moreover makes women look sexier and more fashionable. The 3/4 Sleeve Stretch Broadcloth Blouse can be one of the most comfortable feminine shirts by Edwards. This blouse has got many efficient features available in many colors and wide size range. Check our Clemens uniform online shopping services for grabbing this wonderful apparel at affordable rates. Also go through our catalogue for many more comfy clothing.

Broadcloth Blouse

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