Blue Generation Top Notch Ladies Pique Polo

The Pique fabric is mostly spotted anywhere from an active work space to casual wear at the beach due to its versatility — the fabric is characterized by finishing fabric often comes with a smooth fabric back and tiny holes ensuring maximum breath ability.

Try this hot-chic Blue Generation Top Notch Ladies Pique Polo, that keeps fabric dry as well as the wearer, relatively comfortable, dry and refreshing. The Blue Generation manufacturer is adept at designing the top-notch clothing without compromising on performance, durability and perfect cuts.

Ladies Pique Polo

This rib knit collared and button down shirt features over-sized fitting and short sleeve that has been inspired amongst tennis players. These kind of outfits is also chosen as an alternative to long sleeve shirts and starch dresses since they provide more comfort-ness than any outfit.

The Blue Generation brings to you the widest range of color selections including black (BLA), burgundy (BUR), hunter (HUN), light blue (LIG), Navy (NAV), purple (PUR), red (RED), royal (ROY), tan (TAN), white (WHI) and yellow (YEL). As this polo shirt is made of pique fabric it allows air to pass through the fabric hence keeping the wearer more confident and cooler while they are at the workspace or while being competed.

Out of a large variety of styles available in Pique polo, the short sleeve polo is a versatile style and most preferred casual wear found in women’s wardrobes. Those who are looking for the polo shirt that ease in comfort and convenience should definitely get one such a kind. The features of this polo are listed below.

Rib knit collar and cuffs: To give more strength and boasting the durability, this polo features rib knit collar and cuffs. So need not to worry about the potential damages caused due to folding or wrinkling as they are highly resistant and designed to provide maximal performance.

Two button placket: This polo t-shirt features 2 buttons on the placket comprising a smooth fabric back to protect the skin from chafing against buttons, which would otherwise result painful bruises. The interlining between the layers of the polo and placket helps withstand it from the regular wear and tear.

Adding extra strength and lasting long, this adaptable piece of clothing measures 4.7 ounces and is designed to pull moisture using the tiny holes bestowed into the pique fabric. To ensure this clothing fits the appropriate work space and helps get in more professional look, this polo is designed with taped neck & shoulders, straight bottom, side vents, strain release protection, wrinkle & folding resistant and UV protected.

The Pique polo shirt is also considered as to use as fashionable part of any clothing, be it for those work-going or who wish to be stylish for wear-to-college outfits — this can be the perfect choice.

Are you looking for the customizable options in your work uniform so as they are tailored to fit your needs, here you got plenty of options to choose from. The ClemensUniform has a wide range of custom uniform’s choices.

Exquisite range of ladies’ short sleeve budget pique polo is available here. Shop today!

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