Work in Style with Landau Classical Crossover Top

Ladies Landau classical crossover top with its gorgeous sleek look is designed exclusively for working women, making this top a definite wardrobe staple for women of all ages. With contrast neckline and equal proportion of the color, this top is sure to draw attention and works as a great fashion staple for women who like to work in great style. This aesthetic crossover top’s design hits a visually slimming effect and its fabric is flexible enough making it breathable and comfortable.

Landau Crossover Top

This is a tailored fit crossover top from Landau, which is designed to be comfortable clothing for everyone. The classical fitted waists and V-neck with contrast trim along with regular sleeves, this top is a perfect workwear piece for women.

The Landau crossover top is available in solid colors with contrast trim that very well suits the wearer’s style and comes as a more versatile workwear outfit for women. The perfect fit sleeves length offers extra coverage as well as exhibit shapely arms.

This crossover comes with V neckline which is universally flattering and is neither high nor low, thus not to worry about revealing too much flesh or your body disfigurement with the high neck point near the collarbone.

A few fabulous features of this top include:

  • Available in most popular styles and around 75 exotic color combinations
  • Excellently reveal your curves with side shaping
  • Side vents ease for comfortable movement while working
  • Short sleeves — greater chances to draw attention to the bust
  • One outside lower pocket
  • Set-in short sleeves

With this top you can easily emphasize the upper portion as the lines of these sleeves are between the upper arm and elbow. This particular sleeve is anyway not relatively new to the fashion world, and many are opting this top as a comfortable workwear.

This versatile clothing is a perfect choice to appeal your body shape and direct attention to your style. It’s natural fabric offers stretches and breathes, which make this top one of the versatile choice. The landau is well-know for producing workwear, outfits and accessories that are more durable and softer.

With excellent quality and breathable fabric, this top is ideal to wear for the working shift.

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