Simple guide to waterproof your workwear

You will quickly get to learn the value of waterproofing a clothing if you live in a place where it frequently rains or snows. Though waxing is a long standing process, you can waterproof your clothing that is similar to a ready-made waxed garment, water-proof, tough to handle and lovely design by DIY waterproofing. This is also a much more affordable choice. Even if you’re an adventure enthusiast or looking to grab a waterproof workwear, the good news is waterproofing a garment is neither expensive nor hard to do by yourself. So with this simple guide, no need to worry about those heavy price. Have a look at the below listed instructions to waterproof your favorite clothing or workwear in no-time.

waxing waterproof jacket


The choice of wax is left to you. Whether you would want to get ready-made wax bar made of beeswax and flower oil or want to purchase beeswax from retailers and further purify it is your wish.

If you want to avoid all those complicated procedures and hassles involved in — purifying beeswax and melting eventually, then you can get an instant wax bar that is available to apply on any canvas product, be it jacket, bag, shoe or hats.

If you wish to use regular beeswax bought from retailer then follow the below steps to remove any impurities. The below listed steps will helps how to melt and finally create a solidified wax bar by yourself.

Step1: You can melt all wax in a wax melting dish or by simply heating it in a warmer pot. To melt wax in a warmer pot you need to heat in a double boiler, i.e. placing wax in a small pot which is placed inside the larger pot. The larger pot is added with water until the water level rises 1 inch below the smaller pot.

Step2: Turn on the heat and make sure the wax inside the pot is melt eventually without blackening or burning.

Step3: Turn off the heat when you find all the wax that is present in the smaller pot are melted and mixed thoroughly.

Step4: In a plastic mold or steel container, pour the melted wax and allow it to stay overnight to solidify.

Now lay your workwear flat on a large surface table. Apply the waterproofing product or wax on your workwear painstakingly. Rub the wax paying attention to every detail such as underneath, seams and rub the product or apply wax until you cannot add any more to it.

Repeat this technique eventually on your workwear until you ensure waterproofing offers long lasting protection from a variety of elements. Spread out the wax eventually with your fingers. Check out all the areas that are thickly coated and most importantly they’re coated eventually.

Without leaving any clumps, work out with feverous and smoothen the wax coating with your fingers. After the even cover of the wax, allow your workwear to set for 24 hours or overnight.

That’s all. Now wear it proud with an added benefit of smelling nice!

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