Police and Security Service – Equipments used

Serving in a public safety department? Meaning you’re a person who adheres to a job role that involves protecting the public, be it through handcuffing the accused, keeping away the crimes from happening, offering predominantly emerging fire rescuing and fire service or by providing medical transportation to patients in need. Thus the public safety department is broadly categorized as follows:

  1. Police and Security Service
  2. Firefighting and Rescuing Service
  3. Emergency Medical Service (EMS)
  4. Office of Emergency Service (OES) and
  5. Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV)

Among the various ranges of public safety departments, the Police Service Department has its prominent role.

Police and Security Service: This public safety department enforces certain rigid laws and regulations to protect personnels, assets, visitors and users. With a range of sub-category service involved in police and security service department, today the policing has evolved to be one of the most standardized practice among the public and security department. Earlier days, when police uniform was invented, most polices used to wear long formal work jacket with Khaki or black trouser which was just as same as military enforcers. But to clearly distinguish police from military officers, the police uniform has been redefined with the usage of the following police gear equipment:

  1. Working dress
  2. Headgear
  3. Radio systems
  4. Protective gear
  5. Police badge

Working dress:

Police Work Wear Uniform

The everyday working uniform of a police retains shirts and trousers, which are supposed to wear with certain etiquettes. For example, when they prefer a long-sleeved shirt, it has to be opted with a cravat or tie and can be worn with or without a fleece or jersey. In case, if they wish to pick a short-sleeved shirt then it can be worn open necked. The aforementioned etiquettes are applicable to both male and female officers. However, female police officers dress code includes skirt (which they would occasionally pick). The use of name badges is seen in police and security working dress to identify the wearer’s rank.


Police Heargear

They come in a range of patterns and today this department is relied using tactical workwear that effectively used for everyday use and ease in providing comfort and identification.

Radio systems:

Police Using Radio System

The personal radio systems have been redefined with the usage of Airwave technology. This gear is ensured to be force-specific and help to guide the direction of the control room in case of any emergencies.

Protective gear:

Police Protective gear

There comes a range of protective equipment when it comes to police and security service departments. A few of them includes — firearms, batons, Tasers, incapacitant sprays and much more.

Police badge:

Police badge

We all knew the police and other enforcement department is always being denoted by a range of identification. Since the early days’ badges have been redefined in many times so did the evolved enforcement badges. It is traditional that law enforcement officers wear their badges to the left side of their chest.These badges vary from one department to another and they can also be customized according to the individuals’ rank, state, badge number, and a few common themes.

You can also customize any badge in order to give it an additional meaning. To do so call us today or place your order here.

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